At last! A delicious gluten free, fresh loaf of bread

 “Let there be work, bread, water and salt for all.”
Nelson Mandela

I was diagnosed as a Coeliac over 15 years ago when the choice of gluten free food was very limited and this meant I had to obtain products like bread and pasta on prescription. Therefore I am so grateful that the gluten free food market has increased considerably in the last couple of years.  It is just a shame that the quality of gluten free bread had pretty much stayed the same.

However last Saturday morning my opinion was changed thanks to Sainsbury’s Gluten Free White Farmhouse Loaf.


Over the last decade or so, I have tried many different brands of gluten free bread and they have all disappointed me. Some would simply crumble apart when I sliced them leaving me with a chopping board full of crumbs and a slice of bread with the crust hanging off. Other brands would go stale a few hours after opening the packet and therefore I would have to put the rest of the loaf in the freezer. This subsequently meant I needed to defrost it prior to eating which made the bread soggy. The only other alternative was to toast it immediately from the freezer which would then make the bread limp and chewy.

However, whilst doing the shopping in Sainsburys on Friday evening, my husband saw a gluten free white farmhouse loaf in the bakery section (somewhere I rarely visit nowadays and which is why I hadn’t discovered it earlier) and brought it home for me to try.

It felt much softer than other brands of gluten free bread and so I optimistically put it in the cupboard ready for the next morning when my family have our obligatory bacon or sausage sandwich after the local Park Run. Having not been able to participate fully in this ritual before (I would just have the sausage; gluten free for me of course, or bacon on its own) I was therefore full of hope that I would finally be able to have a decent bacon sandwich for the first time since I was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease.

After the Park Run the following morning it was time for our family’s after run ritual. With anticipation I opened the packaging. The bread was soft and fluffy and felt more like ‘normal’ bread. It sliced easily, the crusts were still intact and my bread board was not covered in crumbs. I was able to spread a generous amount of butter over the slice of bread without it ripping into pieces. I then placed two slices of hot bacon on top of the buttered bread before placing another slice of bread on top.  I carefully cut it in two,  put the sandwich to my mouth and bit into the most delicious combination of soft, fluffy bread, melted butter and crispy bacon.

It was pure heaven and so delicious that I scoffed the whole lot.

I therefore do not have a photo of my bacon sandwich to share with you but I did remember to take one of my BLT sandwich at lunchtime on Monday which was also mouth watering. The bread was still as fresh as when I first opened it and therefore there is no need to freeze it which is another added bonus.


I will definitely be buying Sainsbury’s Gluten Free White Farmhouse loaf in the future and will enjoy my park runs much more now that I know a delicious bacon sandwich will be following it!







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